From one camera to multiple, we design systems to meet your needs and budgets.

Video surveillance solutions are security tools that let you keep a close eye on activities around, or inside, your premises. Video solutions deter revenue loss from stolen merchandise, vandalism and destruction of valuable information. Today’s video solutions can perform a multitude of functions, from live and recorded high-resolution viewing, remotely viewing live images on your laptop or smart device and analytics for easier search and identification processing.

Camera technology allows for High Definition cameras on standard co-ax cable or network cable making upgrades far easier and cost-effective.  At Brigadier Security Systems, we work with most major manufacturers to chose cameras and design systems that meet your expectations. We also offer third party monitoring of video systems giving you peace of mind knowing someone else is keeping an eye on your property.

Video surveillance solutions are designed for future expansion as facilities grow or can be designed as a single camera system for urban traffic management. 

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